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"I have been amazed by Randy's clarity and compassion in his readings. I recently took a friend and her daughter to see him as they were grieving the loss of their father/grandfather. The messages that came through Randy were so clear and detailed and provided much healing not only for my friends but for many who weren't physically present as they share the messages with others. Randy delivers the messages with deep compassion and humor - a great combination!"

~ Stacey H.

“Victoria is my go to gal for relationships and for gauging people and their intentions. She is spot on when it comes to reading other people’s energy and for looking into my future and its prospects. I’ve witnessed this not just for my readings but in a gallery setting for others too. What makes Victoria even better is she combines her exceptional skills with her own life experiences to provide empathy and encouragement. She’s the psychic BFF that every guy and gal should have. In short, Victoria is better than any therapist I have ever seen!”

~ Karen

Victoria was so right on with the details she picked up about the person(s) of interest I called about. She was scary accurate with what she picked up and is the perfect lady to delve into others hearts and situations! A must try. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but exactly as it’s portrayed to her by her guide! I hope prediction pans out, I’ll be back! Don’t hesitate, call her now. Ty Victoria!!!



“I met Randy a little over a year ago at the Crystalline Light Expo in Knoxville. After hearing his story of how he became aware of his gifts, I was bold enough to go sit at his table for a reading. While I was shuffling the cards, he smiled and said, “you know, I’m also a medium. Would you be receptive if someone wanted to come through?” I smiled back and said, “if anyone wants to come, I’d be glad to hear from them.” That day my Daddy came through and Randy was able to bring words of encouragement and confirmation as well as offer some advice on what I should do for my next step on my path. At one particular Gallery reading, Randy assisted in helping to bring closure for me with my brother, who committed suicide. Randy uses his gifts to assure those of us left behind that our loved ones are always with us…”

Mary Jo

“Just had another reading with Victoria; she was amazing as usual. She is always pleasant & quick with her readings. I love that she only needs names to channel energies. Her predictions have always been accurate in the past. A week ago she gave a prediction & it has already come to pass. I am confident that the other predictions regarding my special friend and my job situation will also come to pass. You are amazing Victoria! Truly gifted!”

Bernadette Chevon

Victoria, words can not describe how truly talented and gifted you are! You told me I would be employed between March and April. and I’m glad to say I start my new job April 21st! You also told me I will be moving and that is happening! I am truly blessed to have you in my life! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I HIGHLY recommend you! Love you Victoria! Talk with you soon.


Goose Creek