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About Randy Farley

Randy Farley was awakened to his spiritual gifts at the young age of 14, in East Tennessee. Being raised in a traditional Christian home, he often misunderstood and questioned the abilities he was experiencing, being able to communicate with spirit in such a unique way. Randy spent 31 years exploring other “normal” careers while resisting the gifts that remained with him, but after 2 profound near death experiences, stepping into his true calling was no longer a choice.

“Once I witnessed the healing power of RECONNECTING others with loved ones who have crossed over, I realized this gift wasn’t about me. I have been given the responsibility to help others to fully realize their own spiritual potential. Today, I am passionate about helping people obtain closure, facilitate forgiveness, and experience true self love, guidance and acceptance.”

Based in Nashville, TN, Randy now works full time as a psychic medium customizing readings for each client, depending on their needs. He also conducts group gallery readings all across the country. Randy has made several TV appearances, as well as hosted his own radio talk show in Las Vegas, called, “Let’s Ask Randy.” He is also a Intuitive Life Coach and has studied Theology at Grand Canyon University.

Follow Randy on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Reconnect-with-Randy-Farley-146818032144493/?fref=ts

About Victoria Farley

Victoria Leigh Farley is a seasoned professional psychic medium who uses her spiritual gifts and abilities to provide you with applicable, direct, and no nonsense information that you can immediately use to make positive changes in your life. With her undeniable Southern charm this kind, funny, insightful and compassionate mother and grandmother delivers messages quickly with poise, grace, and ease.

Having acknowledged her unique abilities at the young age of eight Victoria honed her gifts as she grew and experienced life. Excelling in various occupations, one being a certified diamontologist, Victoria fully embraced her gifts and left the corporate world to help those in need of her God given abilities.

As a life long student and teacher of the Course in Miracles Victoria enjoys sharing her knowledge with others by engaging in lively, fun, informative, and interactive discussions in a nurturing environment.

Victoria has conducted thousands of individual readings, as well as numerous group readings, averaging over ten per day for the last two years. Specializing In relationships Victorias’ gifts allow her to access a persons energy with simply their first name!

Even though Victoria has travelled extensively she, and her husband Randy, now call Knoxville home. When she isn’t working Victoria enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Victoria’s website: victorialeighfarley.com

Victoria on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Psychic-Medium-Victoria-Leigh-Farley-632939776812634/?fref=ts




Certified Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Co-Creator and Master Teacher of Astarte Reiki

Cerfied Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Level 1 SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki VII (Master) 

Certified Level III Divinity Healing

Certified Level 1 Healing Touch

Certified Axiatonal Grid Alighnment

Minister of the Universal Life Church

Bachelors Degree in Education

About Theresa Richardson

My path in this lifetime is that of a teacher and healer on multidimensional levels.

The behavior and application of non-physical energy has been a life long fascination. As a child I had been able to see into the non-physical fairly easily, but with no context within which to understand or respond to those experiences, many of them were pretty frightening. In my early 20’s I began to read about and studied all the new information I could find about the nature of personal and planetary metaphysical reality.

During my 30’s I began to try to harness my “psychic” experiences and was blessed with a couple of really good teachers. I realized that I often felt the feelings of others, and many times was unable to distinguish them from my own. As a child and young adult, this phenomena had greatly influenced my life in ways that were unhealthy. As I learned to create “psychic” boundaries, a very simple process; my whole life changed for the better. After learning to use my psychic abilities in a positive, purposeful way, as opposed to being used by them, I decided I wanted to use those abilities to help others, and began a part-time career doing professional psychic readings.

As a teacher, it was very natural to begin teaching others, and I gave small classes in meditation and developing psychic abilities in my home. The more I learned about energy, and how it applied to people, their behavior and their health, the happier and healthier I became. It was wonderful to teach these principles, and observe how much they helped others.

I studied and experimented with many different tools for energy healing along the way. I learned that most illness starts in the non-physical energy bodies, and that the application of non-physical energy many times helped people get well.

Learning Reiki was a natural progression in this process. For several years I just practiced it on myself, close friends, and family. As I became more interested in healing, I grew more adept at Reiki, and had many wonderful experiences with it’s healing energy. I eventually became a Reiki Master, and fell in love with teaching Reiki to others. The nature of Reiki is that it heals on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Now one of my greatest joys in life is to watch my Reiki students grow, to see them become more self empowered and confident as they master these new healing skills.

Last year I became a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master.  I love this new system of Reiki!  It is so perfectly aligned with the new energies coming in to the planet. I am integrating the Holy Fire into my current Reiki practice, and upgrading my classes to include the Holy Fire Karuna. 

Life just keeps getting better!

Theresa’s website:  www.trichardson.com

Theresa’ Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/theresa.richardson.374?fref=ts


About Michael Lott

Michael Lott  “The Angelic Medium” is a 4th generation metaphysician and spiritual seeker who has spent the last 10 years on a deep journey of conscious self-discovery.  Following resigning from his corporate career as a mechanical engineer, Michael began training in a wide variety of healing modalities such as mediumship & intuitive development, energy work, angel therapy, yoga, meditation, and creative exploration such as dance, writing, visual and the performance arts.  Michael’s private practice as a medium, spiritual catalyst and teacher is an infusion of his life’s wisdom and experiences.  As a highly sensitive person and one that has had themes of loneliness and depression rooted from not understanding and utilizing his giftings, one of Michael’s passions is to help his clients connect to their true self to unlock their spiritual gifts, calling and follow their true passions and bliss.

Michael offers private sessions:

  • angelic mediumship and spiritual catalyst coaching
  • various ongoing classes and workshops
  • facilitates an annual mediumship mentorship certification program
  • Stay tuned for his upcoming online video series/show “Ask The Angelic Medium” starting soon.

To learn more about Michael you can visit his websites:

Website:  www.michaellott.com

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/michaellottmedium

Youtube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelLott444


About Rev. Jackie Cahelo

Jacqueline Cahelo considers herself a non-denominational, interfaith, spiritual seeker, mentor and teacher who is well versed in a number of different spiritual traditions/religions.  Jackie grew up with a diverse spiritual background, including Metaphysics, Judaism, and Protestantism, has been a lifelong empath, and started communicating with the angels at age 8.  She has a BA in Psychology and a Bachelor of Divinity with concentrations in Metaphysical Healing and Counseling. She also has served on the staff of 3 different faith based counseling organizations in 2 states during a period spanning 14 years.  Ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, she has been a minister for over 15 years and serves as a wedding officiant, and celebrant for other rites of passage.

Jackie is a Reiki Master in several different Reiki traditions, including Usui Reiki and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki and is the founder and facilitator for the Knoxville Reiki Exchange since 2006.  She considers her path is to encourage others, where they are currently, and aid them in finding resources for furthering their own spiritual path/personal growth. Jackie’s emphasis is on healing- physical, emotional,  and spiritual , as well as on the evolution of the soul. For over 20 years Jackie has lead workshops and taught classes on a variety of different spiritual/metaphysical subjects, and continues to do so.  In addition she is a Certified Angel Reader/Angel Medium.  Jackie is the owner of SpiritEssence  – featuring metaphysical jewelry,  mask art, angel crafts/ gift items.

Jackie is now offering the following services starting January 2017 –  by appointment only.  Morning and evening sessions also available.

Reiki sessions    60 minutes

Angel/Soul Journey Card readings     25 and 40 minutes

Personal and Spiritual Guidance        50 minutes

Ongoing classes and workshops

Contact Jackie at (865) 333-9236                                         or spiritessence1@yahoo.com


About Trish Crowley

I’ve been able to see the world of spirit since the young age of six. Growing up, I would often see spirits around me and feel their presence as I went about my day. Not knowing what the spirits wanted I would just ignore them and sometimes be afraid. As life changed with family events and with religious views I continued to ignore this ability. Then in my thirties I decided to listen to what the spirits wanted to share and Wow what a life changer!!

So I started this adventure of self-discovery and learning how the energy of the heavenly dimensions operate. For the past years I have been taking classes honing my energy and clairvoyant skills and activating them to their full potential.  My spiritual abilities are to provide the client with applicable, direct information that they can immediately use to make positive changes in their life and heal the heart to move forward. I’m highly intuitive Angelic/Medium & Clairvoyant & Empath. My sessions include: spiritual/life counseling, mediumship and energy healing.  I am passionate about helping people obtain closure, facilitate forgiveness, and experience true self love, guidance and acceptance. I’m now very comfortable with my ability to speak and see spirits so please contact me if you would like any of the services I offer.

Certified Intuitive Counseling, House Clearing, and Past Life Regression.

Certified Level III Reiki Master

Certified Angelic Medium

Starting January 2017 I’m offering the above services by appointment only.

Contact Trish at (865)-207-5352  or  spiritwithtlc@hotmail.com

Thank you so much for your time, may your day be blessed.


About Wendy West

Wendy began her spirit journey as a young six year old child, when she began remembering past lives, and conversing with animals and trees. This is also the same age she began her love affair with the arts. The two journeys have continued hand in hand throughout her life, and have culminated in contemporary glass work as her primary form of artistic expression, and traditional Intuitive and Shamanic Guidance as her primary expression of her sixth sensory gifts.

Formally, Wendy holds two degrees in art and has done extensive graduate work as well as taught in both the public and private sectors, Kindergarten through College. Her commissioned art is held in private collections across the United States. Every piece is embedded with, and is inspired by her “inner voice” and spirit guides, and embodies the energy of her deep commitment to her spirit journey.

After moving to the mountains of Tennessee, Wendy merged her training in comparative religions with metaphysical practices.  An adept soul traveler through the study of Eckankar and a Rune Master, she acknowledged the need for accurate and creative guidance in all aspects of life. With active Native American spirits on her mountain property, she renewed her celebration of the natural world, its spirits, and trained in the “ old ways” of Shamanism and practical sixth sensory living, studying with Sonia Choquette.

As an empath, and intuitive, Wendy communicated with her beloved dog and soul mate as he passed from this life to spirit several years ago. That experience changed her life, and she began mentoring with renowned animal communicator Bebe Daniels, adding animal communication to her repertoire.

Currently Wendy’s services include :

Private Intuitive Readings

Working with animal rescue groups, families, and individuals with troubled pets or recent losses

National workshop facilitator for Intuition Training

Animal Communication

Shamanic Leader

Commissioned Artist

If you would like an individual, family, or pet appointment, please contact Wendy:

(386) 478-8774 or email:  breezey0312@gmail.com
“It is the journey, not the destination that is the true adventure! Join me!”